Friday, 20 July 2018

Arthroplasty 2018 - Discover the unknown facets on the field of Arthroplasty & Orthopedics

Bone is often Stereotyped as simply a protective and supportive framework for the body. Though it does perform these functions, bone is actually a very dynamic organ that is constantly remodeling and changing shape to adapt to the daily forces upon it. 

Moreover, bone stores crucial nutrients, Minerals and lipids and produces blood cells that nourish the body and play a vital role in protecting the body against infection. All these functions makes the approximately 206 bones of the human body an organ that is essential to our daily existence.

The bone majorly act as the protecting against for the precious organs like Heart, Lungs, Kidney and the control unit of the human called Brain.

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Global Invitation for the congress on September 24-25, 2018

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The America Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that approximately 713,000 arthroplasty surgeries are performed annually in the United States. Of these, an average of about 362,000 are ankle, shoulder, wrist and hand surgeries. The remainder are ankle, shoulder, wrist and hand surgeries. Joint replacement surgeries are increasing; for example, 259,00 total knee replacements were performed in 1997 and 299,00 were performed in year 2000. 

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Know the Unknown by visiting the forum Arthroplasty 2018

"Know the recent advances in the research of Growth developments of Human Kind"

Methionine, is the one of the essential amino acid of the human kind essentially required in the growth of new blood vessels.

The study of Methionine restriction was carried out to determine the change in the methionine level, will affect the growth rate of young ones. The study has demonstrated that Methionine restriction (MR) extends the lifespan of a wide variety of species, including rodents, drosophila, nematodes and yeasts. MR has also been demonstrated to affect the overall growth of mice and rats.

Collectively at the end of the study, revealed that MR altered bone morphology which could be mediated by delays in osteoblast differentiation.

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Know the cause factor behind "osteomyelitis" [Arthroplasty 2018]

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"Know the facts behind the cause of Bone infection"
Many organism, most commonly Staphylococcus aureus , travel through the bloodstream and cause bone infection. An infection may begin in one area of the body and spread to the bones via the blood stream.
That the organism most commonly invade through severe injuries, cuts or wounds that causes the infections in the nearby bones.When your bone breaks through this infections can invade the bone, leading to osteomyelitis.
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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Know the fact on "Father of Modern Arthroplasty"

"Know the father of Arthroplasty who pioneered in the evolution of HIP-REPLACEMENT"
A British Orthopedic Surgeon who born at Bury in Lancashire on 29th August of 1911, named as Sir John Charnley is known as the father of Modern father of Total-Hip Replacement.

He created the modern operation techniques in Hip-Replacement by the development of Clean-air operating conditions and body-exhaust suits, which is now most commonly used in all regions of UK and Worldwide. He is the person who created the "Wrightington centre for hip surgery".

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

"The promising prevention techniques against Osteoporosis was scientifically driven from PGPE"
Experiment carried out out with mice to prove that, Pomegranate Peel Extract (PGPE) can be used as alternate prevention method in preventing osteoporosis was successfully completed by proving it through mice model.
The end of the study proved that the pomegranate that contains the PGPE metabolites will directly increase the cell differentiation in bones and also improves the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects in the bone micro-environment. Thus, the PGPE was considered to be the alternative source in preventing osteoporosis.
But, still more related studies has to be carried in ex-vivo to define their molecular mechanism that is more commonly carried out in humans.
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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

YOGA : the other way to prevent bone disease called  "Osteoporosis",
The research carried out in Harvard Medical School by Dr.Marian Hannan, Professor of Medicine said that "the yoga poses helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis; as they prevent against osteoporotic fractures and protect against falling". The study with 741 participants form the period of 2005 to 2015 with the average age of 68 showed the result that the bone density gets increased in the spine region as well in some of Hip regions by then practice of Yoga in their daily activities.

The DEXA scans were attached for the proof of the evidence to show the increase in their bone densities. The study shows that the small activities of day-life helps in the chronic disease such as Osteoporosis.

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